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Monday, December 05, 2011

Telling the truth is not propaganda

A recent news article claimed that publicizing a medical study that suggests a link between abortion and breast cancer is a form of propaganda. I answer that charge at HLI America:

Which of the following is likely to be motivated by ideological bias: Reports on independent medical studies that show a link between a commonly chosen medical procedure and rates of a certain type of cancer, or news stories that ignore the latest scientific evidence and rely on a single, controversial, and now-debunked report to make the case in favor that the medical procedure?

In a, to put it charitably, questionable news article, The Daily Caller suggests that pro-life medical and research experts, dubbed “advocates,” are motivated by a political agenda after statements on recent research that showed a nearly 3-fold increase in breast cancer in women who had an abortion. The headline, “Pro-Life Advocates: Study shows link between abortion and breast cancer; cancer institute: no way,” suggests that this is an ideological battle rather than a debate in which almost all relevant research points in a specific direction. In fact, The Daily Caller claims the “experts” deny a link between breast cancer and abortion, while the “advocates” say the link exists.

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Michelle said...

It would be funny, if it weren't so irresponsible, but it just seems that the medical community would rather be safe than sorry in every aspect of our medical care...unless it relates to sex and the related consequences. They don't have a problem telling you to exercise and to what degree (changing guidelines every year or so), telling you not to drink or to drink a glass of red wine daily (flip flopping this advice like I change underwear), warning you that cell phones may cause brain cancer, and citing potential links between the excessive consumption of one type of food to the slimmest of chances that you might get a certain cancer. But if there is any research on the ill effects of sexual behavior of any kind, the negative side effects (short and long term) of contraception or unfortunate consequences of abortion (short and long term), then that research is dubbed "sketchy", "not up to scientific standards", or "politically motivated".

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Very good point, Michelle. That is so true.