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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome message for new Catholic families

I posted this question last year and really didn't get much of a response. My readership has increased significantly since then so perhaps this year I will get a better response. Since there will be many converts entering the Church at Easter, what guidance or advice would you offer them to help them truly live their Catholic faith in their family life? My suggestions are here. What do you suggest?

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Michelle said...

I think the biggest suggestion I have would be to make being Catholic a part of your daily identity - in other words, that being Catholic is NOT where we happen to go to church on Sunday, but is, rather, something we do every day. I would suggest starting small, and building up every so often with a new devotion or thing. So, blessing food before meals if you don't already with the Catholic table blessing...and then once that becomes habit, perhaps saying a morning offering or one decade of the rosary before bedtime. Even buying a statue or religion icon and getting used to having it in the house might be a challenge.