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My last box of Cheerios

A little over ten years ago my family boycotted General Mills because they were supporters of Planned Parenthood. We gave up Cheerios in all their permutations in spite of the fact that these had been a major part of childhood. We carried on this boycott for years. Every time I trundled down the cereal aisle with children in tow one of them would point to the Big G logo and say, "We don't buy those! They like abortion." It was only within the last five years that I found out General Mills had stopped donating to Planned Parenthood and we could indulge in Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms again. Alas, no more.

General Mills has now decided to take an active role in promoting gay marriage in Minnesota:

General Mills has entered the Culture War, announcing its corporate opposition to the marriage amendment in Minnesota on the ballot this November which would define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Fine. If General Mills wants to choose a side that is antithetical to my Catholic moral principles, then I will do my best to choose an alternate food source. No more Betty Crocker. No more Pillsbury. No more Big G cereals. No more Yoplait. No more anything with the Boxtops for Education coupon.You can see the whole list of General Mills brands here.

Some of you may not be in to boycotts, and that is okay. It is not a mortal sin to buy General Mills. But especially in this case where there are so many easy alternatives, I am happy to put my food dollars elsewhere. If you have children in Catholic schools that participate in the Boxtops for Education program, I would also suggest you talk to the administration of the school and ask them to reconsider their support for a corporation that is using their profits to undermine the sanctity of marriage and the integrity of families.


Went to the store yesterday to pick up cereal and found a great alternative to cheerios. Wal-mart brand Great Value tastes just like cheerios and is half-price. Enjoy!

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