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Can we talk?

For as much as I have been writing, I am amazed to see how little is on this blog. I have been stringing words together seemingly non-stop, but very few are showing up here. When I started blogging six years ago, it was an attempt to hone my writing skills, evangelize, and test the waters. My hope was that somehow my work would be noticed and my clinical career in medicine would transition to a teaching and writing career. Guess what? It worked.

Because my blog got noticed by some folks, I did a little networking. The next thing you know I am a fellow for Human Life International and writing about family issues,  beginning of life issues, end of life issues, health care policy issues, and so much more. I am doing exactly what I set out to do when I started blogging. I am combining my love of God, my love of the Church, my love of teaching, and my love of writing.

Of course I am also still Mom. But I am also Gramma. When I started blogging I had one child in college but still considered him based at home. Three more were in elementary, middle and high school. Now, the oldest is grown, married to a wonderful wife and with the cutest little daughter you would ever want to see.  Another lives at home and is trying to get his career goals off the ground. Another graduated from college and is in grad school. And she is engaged!  Finally, the baby just graduated from high school and is off to college this fall. And while six years ago I was a military wife, I am now a military wife (retired). 

All the evangelizing and catechizing I do is wonderfully fun and rewarding. But it doesn't pay all the bills. So I am also teaching anatomy and physiology at the local community college. I love being an adjunct faculty member. I get all the fun of teaching without all the politics and committee meetings of academic life.

But you know what? I miss my blog. I miss the frequent forays into new thoughts and working out ideas and relationships. My blog is a place to reflect. The writing does not have to be polished enough for publication. 

And I love my blogging buddies. I know I keep up with many on Facebook, but Facebook posts are like hallway conversations while blog posts are more like chats over several cups of coffee.

So I hope to reclaim this blog space and plant more than links to my other work. Notice I said hope. Real life has a way of tripping up the best of intentions. But we'll give it a go. Pour coffee or tea and let's chat away.


Barb, ofs said…
I think Facebook and Twitter have distracted many from blogging. And I know that my other writing projects keep me from my blog much more than I would like.

Glad to see you're sticking with it. And if you're looking for a topic anytime soon, how about revisiting Gardasil? Getting pressure from the pediatrician re the 16-year-old daughter, and apparently they give this to boys now, too?

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