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Abortion Providers want Conscience Protection

Yes, you read the title correctly. Now abortion providers want conscience protection because their consciences compel them to provide abortion. My response is published at

In the September 13 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Lisa Harris laments that there is no discussion of conscience protection for abortion providers:  "The persistent failure to recognize abortion provision as “conscientious” has resulted in laws that do not protect caregivers who are compelled by conscience to provide abortion services, contributes to the ongoing stigmatization of abortion providers, and leaves theoretical and practical blind spots in bioethics with respect to positive claims of conscience — that is, conscience-based claims for offering care, rather than for refusing to provide it." Read the whole article here.

NFP vs Fertility Awareness

My latest HLI article is up at the Truth & Charity Forum:

In the latest issue of Ethics & Medics, the monthly publication of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, Elliott Bedford offers an excellent article encouraging us to use the HHS mandate as an opportunity to evangelize to Catholics and non-Catholics alike about the Church’s teaching on contraception. It is clear in the discussions surrounding this mandate that previous attempts to catechize the faithful have been unsuccessful. The current controversy over the HHS requirement that all health insurance plans cover contraception, sterilization and abortifacients  provides a teachable moment to clarify Catholic principles, especially as they were presented in Humanae vitae. Read the rest here.

Need a new analogy

Many of the topics I cover when I teach anatomy and physiology are not intuitive. I have to find analogies to help my students visualize what I am saying. When we cover chemistry, I have to explain isomers. These are compounds that have the same chemical formula but different structures. In past semesters, I have used Tinker Toys to illustrate this concept. If I give each student the same assortment of wheels and dowels and asked them to build something using all of their allotted Tinker Toys, each of their structures would have the same composition but be shaped differently. They would be isomers.

Yesterday was the lecture on isomers. I spoke of Tinker Toys. I got blank stares. I have now hit the point where none of my students have ever seen much less played with Tinker Toys. That is so sad. Am I really that old?