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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Protecting the Catholic Brand

An article by Lisa Fullam at dotCommonweal erroneously proclaims same-sex marriage is consistent with Catholic social teaching. Fr. Araujo at Mirror of Justice offers an excellent response to this article and rightly notes that part of the reason that many young people are accepting same-sex relationships as the norm is because they have never been offered a clear presentation of the Church's teaching. Many of those who wrongly claim to speak for the Church are giving a distorted version of Catholic teaching: 
...nominally Catholic institutions of higher education, which have an extraordinary influence on the young, are not teaching what the Church teachers; moreover, these institutions are not exploring why the Church teaches what she teaches in spite of assertions to the contrary. For the most part at many institutions that claim the moniker “Catholic”, students are being exposed to a shadow magisterium which is a corruption of rather than intellectual fidelity to Church teachings on the neuralgic issues of the day including marriage. While these young may be receiving a great deal of education, they are not receiving the wisdom of the Church; hence, their knowledge of what the Church teaches and why she teaches what she does is being eviscerated. In addition, both catechesis and evangelization are suffering rather than prospering as a result of false doctrine being disseminated by a growing number of teachers who are employed at the once-traditional but now-nominally Catholic institutions.
Fr. Z also questions the use of the moniker "Catholic" by the National Catholic Reporter. This periodical is a hotbed of dissent from Catholic teaching yet it is still allowed to call itself Catholic. Fr. Z notes that in the issue before the election the paper gushed with support for same-sex marriage and trivialized the importance of pro-life issues.

I lay the dismal state of catechesis of Catholics in America at the feet of our bishops. They have not spoken out boldly enough when those waving the Catholic banner spout erroneous teachings. They have not protected the Catholic brand. Ex Corde Ecclesiae demands that Catholic universities uphold Catholic teaching and theologians must obtain a mandatum from their bishop to ensure they are faithful to the Magisterium. Yet the bishops have been passive and not vigorously supported compliance by theologians. The result is that there has been no quality control and catechetical chaos has ensued. It is time for the bishops to offer definitive guidance about who speaks with the Church. When someone claiming to be Catholic spews catechetical nonsense, there must be a clear and public correction. Failure to do so will, as Fr. Araujo rightly points out, eviscerate the knowledge of Church teaching.

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