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If you are looking for a family friendly cookie...

I have been busy lately. Researching. Thinking. Analyzing. Writing. Praying. More Praying. More Praying. Not blogging.

But life is slowing down a bit and I need to come back to the spot where I blog and smile and just chat. So I have to share one of my favorite Christmas cookies. These are called Santa's surprise cookies. They are a peanut butter cookie wrapped around a mini Snickers candy. After baking you drizzle melted Dove milk chocolates on top. For the peanut butter chocolate fans in your home, these are a taste of Heaven. The recipe is here.

These are also great cookies to make with kids because they can be made assembly line fashion and there is a job for everyone. You make the dough and refrigerate it. Once it is firm (about 2-3 hours) someone needs to form it in to 1 Tablespoon size balls. Next someone flattens these balls and wraps them around a mini Snickers. It is helpful to have someone designated to unwrap the mini Snickers, but it needs to be someone who can be tr…