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March for Life 2013

Picture taken by John Brehany, Executive Director CMA
I've warmed up and caught up on sleep so I can tell you a little bit about the March for Life 2013. It was so cold! But in spite of the frigid temperatures, an estimated 500,000 people joined in this march to mark the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, making abortion legal in the United States at all stages of pregnancy.

This March for Life is young. The vast majority of the marchers were under 30. This should bring hope to those of us who look at our culture and often wonder "Where are we going and why are we all in this handbasket?" The tweens, teens, and twenties are passionately pro-life. I think they see themselves as survivors. They know they are missing siblings and friends because of the holocaust of abortion.

The March for Life is joyous. People were cold and tired, but there was a joy pervading the March. Certainly, there is sadness and even anger over the way our culture cavalierly disposes of human life at all stages. But at the March, you realize you are not alone. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder to proclaim the dignity and sanctity of human life. Joining with so many to proclaim the Gospel of Life is a joyous experience and it shows in the faces of the marchers.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then the main stream media is guilty of a thousand lies. They refuse to show the aerial pictures that depict the massiveness of the crowd. Instead, they show close in shots of marchers with counter protesters, implying that there is an equality in the numbers of each group. Here is the truth: when we reached the end of the March, there were maybe six signs that read "Abortion on Demand and without Apology". There was one woman holding a homemade sign with obscenities. So less than ten counter-protesters to the hundreds of thousands of pro-life marchers. And if you read the news story, it will describe us as anti-abortion protesters or anti-abortion activists. Well, we are that, but we are so much more. Yes we were marching for the unborn. But we were also marching for the elderly, the disabled, and the infirmed. We were marching for everyone that our culture deems is disposable.

Now I have a favor to ask of you. The woman holding the sign with the obscenities was probably in her early twenties. She was shouting "Ho Ho Hey Hey, Roe v Wade is here to stay". She looked like a young woman who must have experience some great pain. I suspect she had an abortion at some point. I am sure many of you pray for the unborn, pray for the pregnant women considering abortion, and pray for the conversion for those who support abortion. Right now, however, I am asking you to pray specifically for this young woman who was willing to stand in the frigid temperatures and falling snow to spew such vitriol. She is hurting. She needs someone to bring the healing message of the Gospel into her life. And while I may not be able to do that personally, I can offer prayers that someone will. Please join me.


Emm T. Nester said…
Thank you for marching for those of us who couldn't.

I cannot believe the MSM cannot cover this event. . .

These are desperate times we are living in.. . . when those precious unborn babies are killed, and people are proud of it.
Barb, ofs said…
done and done...for her and for all who are in her same boat. Many forget, I think, that there are 2 victims in every abortion.

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