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Touching the Hand of God

It is not often that I am literally stopped in my tracks by the turn of a phrase. But I was reading Pope Benedict's closing remarks to the Vatican Lenten spiritual exercises and there was one sentence whose truth and beauty brought tears to my eyes:

Believing is nothing other than touching the hand of God in the darkness of the world and thus, in silence, to hear the Word, to see Love.

Please read my reflection on this poignant imagery here.

Intentional fasting

Prayer, almsgiving, and fasting are the three pillars of Lenten observances. After the first full week of Lent, I feel the fruits of each of these. Fasting, especially, has been significant for me. I abstain from meat every Friday all year long, so the Friday fasts of Lent are routine for me. Therefore, I had to find another offering. I spend a great deal of time on the computer as part of my work. Blogging and social network sites are part of my job as a writer. But sometimes, they can be time sinks that squander away time I don't have to waste. One link leads to another which leads to another and so on.  I am limiting myself to checking my Facebook newsfeed once daily. I am also not clicking on links unless I think they are pertinent to my job (exceptions made for videos of my grandkids!). No random cat videos. No flash mobs.

In addition, I am using my devotional aids to come up with daily and weekly fasts and sacrifices. For example, avoid advertising for a day to detach from m…

A Lenten Journey

I really didn't mean to take such a hiatus from blogging. I have not given up blogging for Lent. I guess it just hasn't risen to the top of my priority list until now. I hope to keep it up there on a more regular basis.

My days have been busy but joyful. Of course, the most joyful news I can share is the arrival of my grandson, John David. I have seen him through a video chat but I won't get to actually hold him for a few weeks. Such blessings!

Then like the rest of the Catholic world, I was stunned by the news that Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28. I have been offering a novena for Pope Benedict, the conclave, and his successor. When Blessed John Paul II died, I remember feeling anxious. He was the only pope I had really been aware of. Those before him had been less visible and I was unaware of their influences on my life. But Blessed John Paul II boldly stood before the faithful and led us to a renewed orthodoxy. Who could replace him? Silly me. The Church ha…