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Conversion of the individual, not of the Church

As the cardinals gather in Rome and prepare to elect the next Vicar of Christ, the din continues from pundits who claim they know exactly what and who the Church needs. They sound like children making a list for Santa: Bring us a pope who will not fuss at us for sexual sins. Bring us a pope who will ordain women. Bring us a pope who will forget about abortion. Bring us a pope who endorses contraception. Bring us a pope who has heard the voices of popular culture and will conform the Church to match.

My snarky response is, "Uh, no. The Pope is going to be Catholic."

A much more thoughtful and reasoned response was written by Fr. Araujo at Mirror of Justice. As always, his charitable but straightforward analysis says exactly the right thing. Please read the whole essay, but the key quote is this:

In looking over this list of reasons that are used to validate the call for ecclesiastical reform, I realize that each of these categories is not hermetically sealed from the others; i…

Tradition, Scripture....and experience?

This past week I enjoyed watching EWTN's The Journey Home hosted by Marcus Grodi. Each episode of this show highlights the conversion story of an individual and explores the factors that drew him or her to the Catholic Church. The episode that I watched featured Monsignor Jeffrey Steenson, Ordinary for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. This is the construct that allows those from the Anglican Communion who wish to enter the Catholic Church to come into full communion with Rome yet maintain some of their Anglican patrimony. As the Episcopal Church lurches farther and farther from the faith handed to the Apostles by Christ, more and more Episcopalians are choosing to swim the Tiber and come home to the Catholic Church.

I encourage you to watch the full hour with Monsignor Steenson that I have linked above. Marcus Grodi asked Monsignor Steenson how the Episcopalians justify their radical departure from traditional teachings on marriage and sexuality. His answer was …