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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feeling the earth beneath my feet and between my fingers

Spring has been a long time coming here in Northern Virginia. Finally, finally it has arrived. Took a trip out to the Cherry Blossom festival on Monday. The blooms were not quite peaking but were still gorgeous.

I've also been enjoying getting a good dose of Vitamin D while playing in my garden. Not a lot of planting going on. Just weeding and weeding as I coax along my perennials. It is a good year for daffodils. In the pictures you might even see a tulip. I often don't get many pictures of tulips since the deer like to chomp the blossoms as if they were lollipops.
 These are annuals that I used for an indoor Easter arrangement. Now they are enjoying having their roots in the earth and the sun on their leaves and blossoms.
 This is my bulb garden around my mailbox. I am so happy the tulips survived.

 It has been a wonderful year for daffodils. There are a few hyacinths in the foreground

 The peonies are sprouting. It won't be too long now.

                              The bleeding hearts are getting ready to bloom as well.

The wisteria is budding. Soon the fragrance will fill the air.

Spring is always such a hopeful time. It feels like New Year's with a fresh start and a bright outlook. Time to take a deep breath, regroup, and renew.

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Rosemary Bogdan said...

How lovely, Denise. We are not as far along as you are. Still pretty chilly and only the bravest (or most foolish) of perennials are popping up. It won't be long though. Thanks for sharing. I love gardening!