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Why I include political information in my blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed

Lisa Hendey offers an interesting question at her blog: Should political engagement and social networking mix? It was a rough few months leading up to the presidential election and it hasn't exactly been easy since the election when it comes to social networking. I have not been shy about expressing my views though I have tried to avoid hysterics. I can't say I have always been successful. I know that some Facebook friends have blocked me or "unfriended" me because they did not want to face my opinionated posting. Sticking to food, kids, pets, and garden pictures is a much safer strategy if I am concerned about increasing the number of folks who check out my homepage. One of the commenters from Lisa's article says:
Unfortunately, I still need to unfriend people on social networks because of talking about politics and especially ‘the other side’, or because they find it necessary to post pictures of aborted fetuses, maltreated animals in my timeline. My policy is blocking all nastiness from my social networks, no matter how good the friend or how worthy the cause. I stopped watching the news for a reason and want to keep my social networks clean as well.
This commenter sounds a lot like blogger Jen Hatmaker did last summer when she suggested we all just go hang out in her basement until the political season passed. (I responded to that suggestion here.)

But the world I live in is messy. It is mean. Evil exists. It would be so much easier to just post about my unbelievably cute grandchildren, but I am worried about the world my grandchildren will inherit. I need to do what I can to make it better for them. So I pray. And I encourage you to pray with me. And then I pray some more. And then I act.

How can we band together to fight evil and bring goodness and holiness to our families, our communities, our countries, and our world if no one knows about the evil. It will not be reported in the press unless it conforms to the agenda the press is peddling. I know from firsthand experience this is true. When National Public Radio was looking for someone to do a radio interview on the HHS mandate they called a major pro-life organization that had issued a statement opposing the mandate. Since I had written quite a few articles addressing the mandate, the organization reached out to me to do the interview. When NPR found out they were going to have a female, Catholic, pro-life physician do the interview they backed out saying I did not fit their narrative. It is hard to push the misogynist "war on women" agenda when your opponent is a well-educated woman. My friend, Michelle, had a similar experience when reporting on the HPV vaccine.

So I speak out. I use this blog. I use Facebook. I use Twitter. Who would know about the horrors of the Gosnell abortion clinic if social media users and bloggers had not kept the story alive? How would we get the truth about Benghazi if alternatives to the mainstream media do not report what CNN, MSNBC, et al refuse to acknowledge for fear it will hurt the Obama agenda? Only after bloggers, tweeters, facebook users, etc refuse to let go of a story do major media outlets sometimes relent and and provide coverage. As David Burge tweeted today: "Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.”

So those who want their social networking space to be clean and free of the unpleasant intrusions of the world, block me now. Those who are at all interested in following what I think and what I find important and what I am worried about keep reading. And don't worry. I will still talk about my garden

my dogs


and my unbelievably cute grandchildren!


Michelle said…
I do think there are some sensitive souls who really need to minimize their exposure to the horrors that are out there - as long as they aren't hiding from it. I personally don't like to look at photos of aborted babies or read descriptions of the procedures, however, every so often, I force myself to confront that reality just so I don't forget and become complacent. But I also am able to skim over those posts or photos the rest of the time. I can understand not wanting to get involved in the vitriol, but some of these issues REALLY MATTER...not things like our tax rate or if we should fund PBS...but protection of innocent life, protection of religious freedom, protection of the family unit: these are issues that are vitally important and if we hide from them, at some point we will no longer have the luxury of hiding from them.

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