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Monday, June 10, 2013

Pope Francis: Salvation is an all or nothing choice

One of the interesting things about the papacy of Pope Francis is that he has been saying a public Mass every day and we are receiving reports of his homilies every day. His teaching for today is a wonderful follow on for my last blog post.

Consider this quote:
"This is salvation: to live in the consolation of the Holy Spirit, not the consolation of the spirit of this world. No, that is not salvation, that is sin. Salvation is moving forward and opening our hearts so they can receive the Holy Spirit’s consolation, which is salvation. This is non-negotiable, you can’t take a bit from here and a bit from there? We cannot pick and mix, no? A bit of the Holy Spirit, a bit of the spirit of this world ... No! It’s one thing or the other. "
Why is this choice so hard? Most of us say we desire salvation. So why is it so difficult to choose the way of the Holy Spirit? Pope Francis answers that question as well:
Why do people "have their hearts closed to salvation?". The Pope said it is because “we are afraid of salvation. We need it, but we are afraid" because when the Lord comes "to save us we have to give everything. He is in charge! And we are afraid of this" because "we want control of ourselves". He added that in order to understand "these new commandments," we need the freedom that "is born of the Holy Spirit, who saves us, who comforts us" and is "the giver of life"
C.S. Lewis also covered this topic as well in his book, The Great Divorce. If you have not read it yet, add it to your summer reading list.

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