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Saturday, June 08, 2013

What a mother really wants

My post over at the Truth & Charity forum about the change in membership policy with regards to openly homosexual boys in the Boy Scouts has generated quite a bit of conversation. Please feel free to head over there and join the discussion.

One of the commenters offered the following:
What if your sons were gay? Wouldn't you want them to be supported and happy and grow up to be decent men who fell in love and got married to the right man - rather than closety and ashamed and even dishonestly marrying a woman to conceal what they are? 
In a word, no. As a mother I hope for my children's happiness, but what I really want is their holiness. My job is to do everything I can to help them to the eternal joy of Heaven. I love them too much to want a temporal worldly happiness that imperils their soul. I want all of my children to live chaste lives. If I had a gay son I would not want him to yield to his inclinations anymore than I would want my heterosexual children sexually active outside of marriage.

When my children were younger, if I left all nutritional decisions up to them there is a good chance their diet would have consisted of Captain Crunch and ice cream. I know the physical consequences of such a diet so as much as it would have made them happy to forever forego vegetables, I made them eat their green beans.

Likewise, sexual gratification may be pleasurable and thrilling in the short term, but unless it is part of a marital relationship between one man and one woman, it is contrary to natural law and immoral. It is demeaning to our human dignity to suggest that we are no better than animals in the wild and have no self-control over our sexual urges. Same-sex attractions are a cross to bear and may be a barrier to having a heterosexual relationship, but they are not a license to indulge in disordered and immoral behavior.  The long term and even eternal physical, emotional and spiritual consequences are too dire for me to wish them upon my children.

So yes, I do pray for my children's health and happiness, but what I really want for them is Heaven.

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