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Thursday, July 11, 2013

30 days and counting

The church is reserved, the readings are chosen, the music is selected. Invitations have been sent, responses received. She has her dress. The caterer, reception venue, DJ, florist, cake baker, and photographer are all arranged. So what could be left to do? Oh my!

There are so many little details. The constant question from the male folks in our household is, "You do that for a wedding?" The program needs to be finalized and printed, favors need to be assembled, and crafty elements of centerpieces need to be finished.

Table seating needs to be arranged so that place cards need to be printed. This is an interesting exercise. The guests are coming from all different phases of life. Some overlap, but many don't. Some are friends from high school. Some are friends from college. Some are work friends. Some are neighbors. Some are church friends. Some are family. Some are his. Some are hers. So do you mix them up? Sort them by relationships? Sort them by politics? Sort them by geography?

I cannot imagine planning the wedding without the internet. How did I do it thirty years ago? You can find anything on the internet. Any etiquette question has a ready answer. Who knew that there is a company out there who makes every kind of tassel imaginable. You know those little tassels you find on the ends of bookmarks? They make them. Those tassels and elastic cords that hold programs together? They make those too.

I am wondering exactly what we will talk about in 31 days. The sometimes frenetic pace of wedding preparations has moments of joy and moments of whimsy. And yes there are moments of frustration. But I love our expanding family so all the preparations to join these two in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony are happily embraced. Every task is accompanied by a prayer so they will begin their lives surrounded by the grace of God.

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Rosemary Bogdan said...

Maybe you already know this tip. When my daughter and I were arranging seating we took someone's suggestion to use paper plates and post-it notes, each plate representing a table and the post-its with guests' names. That made it a lot easier to rearrange as we changed our minds and also gave a nice view of the big picture of the room. Have fun!