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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Open and shut

From this morning's Magnificat:

O Lord, you have told us to knock and the door would be opened to us. You yourself are the doorway into everlasting joy. Open your way before us a we set out on this day's journey and guide us to our journey's end, that, when evening comes, we may enter the courts of your presence rejoicing.
 Sometimes Mt 7:7 makes people think of God as the great Santa Claus. If you just keep knocking on the door he will give you everything your little heart desires. The truth is that God loves us too much to open doors that are not in our best interest. I once saw a photo of a closed door with the caption,"When God closes a door, it is time to stop banging your head against it and figure out what He really wants you to be doing."

One of life's great challenges is trying to figure out which doors are open and which doors are closed. Sometimes God does close a door. If that is the case then there is no purpose in continuing to try to jimmy the lock or break down the door. If we stop insisting on our own will and consider, for a moment, the will of God, we will see that there is a perfectly good door that is open and will lead us to much greater happiness than whatever is behind that closed door.

On the other hand, sometimes the door is open and waiting for us. God is calling. Yet we do not go through because we are constrained by fear, doubt, or sin. That open door will require sacrifice. It is not an easy path. Are we willing to trust God enough to say that whatever the cost, walking through His open door will be worth it?

Also from this morning's Magnificat:
The gate to the Lord's sheepfold is narrow and cut in the shape of a cross. Yet, Christ leads the flock safely through to the place of pasture he has prepared for us.
My prayer for today is that I recognize the doors that God has opened for me and follow Christ through them without fear or hesitation.

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