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Sunday, August 11, 2013

And the two shall become one

I am sipping coffee and enjoying the morning quiet after the most amazing day yesterday. My daughter got married and the wedding and reception were everything we could have hoped for. Out of town guests began arriving on Thursday. After three trips to the airport we had gathered my oldest son, his wife, and their two children, as well as my dad and my brother. The house was full but not as full as the joy in my heart.

Festivities began the day prior with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. My husband's parents were added to the group as we met to go to the rehearsal dinner at Trummers on Main in Clifton.

                                    The whole gang

                                     My husband, myself, and our brood

                                      John David bonding with Granddad

                                       Nothing compares to the sweetness of a grandbaby falling asleep in your arms

The next day was the big day! All the bridesmaids met at our home and helped Marie get dressed.
                                     Marie with her brothers just before leaving for the Church

Marie glowed as she walked down the aisle and my eyes were a bit moist with tears, but they were tears of joy. The Mass was beautiful, reverent, and prayerful. We were blessed to have both Fr. Kenna and Fr. Horkan concelebrate the Mass. I didn't take any pictures during Mass, but we will have some from the photographer.

Then off to the reception! For those in the DC area, I highly recommend St. Francis Hall at the Franciscan Monastery in DC as a venue. The hall itself has a medieval castle feel. The surrounding gardens hide any trace of urban DC. Truly wonderful!

I will now engage in some shameless bragging about my daughter's creative talents. She and Nick love to read and aimed for a literary theme to the wedding reception. She scavenged free hardback books from the local used book store and painted them. She used three books in the center of each table. The top book had the date on the spine. The second book said "Nick & Marie". The bottom book featured a famous couple from literature. The table was not just designated by a number, but by the title of the book associated with its couple. An image of the book cover was framed and placed on top of the books. In addition, there was a small bouquet of flowers and a single paper rose Marie made from the pages of a used copy of "The Once & Future King." This is one of her favorite books and one of the books she and Nick shared when they first met in high school English class.

The Game of Thrones table

 The Dark Tower table

The Gone With the Wind table

The literary theme extended to the cakes with the main wedding cake featuring quotes from some of their favorite books. It was a chai spice cake with vanilla cinnamon buttercream filling. Oh my!! The groom's cake was an amazing chocolate with chocolate mouse and raspberry filling. It featured elements from Nick's favorite book series, The Dark Tower. Again, for those in the DC area, Eloise's Pastries is incredible. The artistry of these cakes was only surpassed by their flavor.

 Groom's cake

 Wedding cake. Also note the book frames made from old books that were used to hold childhood pictures of Marie & Nick 

The dancing was so much fun. The dance floor was full from the beginning to the end. Of course there were some very special dances.

 First dance. Music was "God gave me you" by Blake Shelton

 The father-daughter dance. Music was "Little Miss Magic" by Jimmy Buffet

The words to this song are so appropriate for this poignant moment

I will just end with a few more assorted photos and just bask in the glow of so much joy.
 Brother-sister love

 Flower girls

 My oldest son and his family in the gardens of the monastery

Wesley, Misty, Trinity, & John David at the reception

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Barb, ofs said...

What a beautiful day full of wonderful family moments! God bless Marie and her new husband and may they have a long, happy, healthy married life together. I'm sorry I couldn't share the day in person, but I am smiling (and tearing up a little) at the joy that is so evident in your photos and words.
(LOVE the book theme...tucking that idea in the back of my mind for "someday" in case any of my kids is open to suggestions)