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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Word games from the culture of death

My latest article for Zenit is now published. You can read the whole article here. The culture of death is still obscuring the truth with word games. The latest addition to their double speak is "post-fertilization contraception".
Cognizant that these word games do not change the reality that preventing implantation destroys a human life, advocates of the IUD, morning-after pill, and regular hormonal contraceptives have downplayed the abortifacient nature of such birth control. But now there is a push to drop the façade and embrace prevention of implantation as an acceptable mechanism for birth control. Writing in the Journal for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, a team led by Dr. Elizabeth G. Raymond calls on the medical community to pave the way for the acceptance and development of new abortifacients. The first step is again a semantic maneuver with the adoption of the term “post-fertilization contraception” for medications and procedures that prevent implantation.

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lisa hutchinson said...

It's amazing how it can be overlooked when life is created. it just goes to show how society wants to separate the pro'creative part of sex from sex. No longer is sex, making a baby. I once had an interesting discussion with a passenger on a plane who worked in/studying epidemiology. I felt the Spirit was guiding the conversation as the topic of what is life came up. He mentioned how since no potential for life in in a petri dish, not life; I gave the analogy if you place a person on mars; they are still a person. He paused, hopefully it helped reveal the truth about life. Thank you for your post/article.