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A lost identity

I love my computer. I love the ease with which I can compose and correct. I love the ability to share my work with the touch of a button. So I have absolutely no nostalgia about the old typewriter. What I do miss, is hand-written communication. Every now and then I open a book and I will see a note in the front written by my mother. Even before I see the signature I know it is from my mother. Those particular loops and and lines are part of her identity. It has been almost three years since she died so the sight of her handwriting is what I have left now that I no longer hear her voice.

A recent such event got me to thinking about my own handwriting. I have very nice handwriting. I have made a great effort to avoid having "doctor's handwriting". Back when we were a military family on the move every couple of years and I was still practicing medicine I would be the new doc in town on a rather frequent basis. Inevitably, the office or clinic where I worked would get a phon…

Wrap it up!

A few years ago, at about this point in Advent, a priest gave some sound advice during his homily: wrap it up and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. You don't need to put up any more decorations. If you haven't gotten the Christmas cards written, then you don't send out Christmas cards this year. It's not a big deal. Sit down after Christmas and write notes to wish your family and friends a Happy New Year. Of if it doesn't happen then, resolve to send out Valentines wishes. Bake the cookies you enjoy baking but you do not need to make it a chore. There is no requirement to greet Our Lord with dozens and dozens of perfectly iced sweets. If you still need to wrap gifts, the recipients will be as happy with simple wrapping and a stick on bow as they will be with coordinating paper, ribbons, bows, and embellishments. It is time to make things simple.

As we close in on the Fourth Sunday of Advent, I am passing on this priest's advice to you. It is more importan…