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Can't we agree that women and men deserve better than this?

This interview published in the Criterion, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, is both heartwarming and heart breaking. It is inspiring to read about Marianne Anderson and her conversion to a pro-life viewpoint after working for over two years at the large Planned Parenthood facility in Indianapolis. Yet I feel grief when I read about the atrocities of the abortion industry.

The last statement in this interview should give us pause.

“The journey to abortion happens long before the girls show up at Planned Parenthood. These young girls who are 13, 14 years old—they’re looking for love and acceptance. By the time they get to Planned Parenthood, they’ve already been through some awful stuff.
“Where do you start educating these girls? High school? Junior high? It’s getting younger and younger.
“There’s something wrong with the family that this is happening, these single parent families, these dads in prison. The journey to prevent this starts way before they get to the door of any abortion center.” 
Perhaps, no matter where you fall on the question of abortion, we can agree that women are not empowered when they are objectified for sex. Unbridled sexual freedom actually enslaves women to the passions of men. Sex is not the same thing as love. Sexual exhibitionism demeans women. A father who loves and respects his wife and a wife who loves and respects her husband are the best teachers for daughters to learn the behavior they should expect from men and for sons to learn the appropriate way to treat women. Therefore, anything that undermines the family damages this fundamental educational process.

Abortion is not the answer. It is just another tragic symptom of the problem. If we outlawed abortion today we would not solve the problem. The problem is we dehumanize each other and treat each other as commodities to satisfy our own selfish desires. We throw away those who do not make us "happy". Sometimes it is the unborn. Sometimes it is the elderly. Sometimes it is the disabled. Sometimes it is a spouse. Sometimes it is those with whom we disagree. Somewhere our cultured decided that any person who makes us uncomfortable is "offensive" and must be marginalized, or even worse, eliminated.

A popular and very true pro-life slogan is, "Women deserve better than abortion". Wouldn't it be wonderful if our culture expanded this to, "All men and women deserve better than abortion. All men and women deserve better than euthanasia. All men and women are unique human persons who deserve to be cherished from the moment of their conception to the moment of their natural death."


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