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Catching up

I am still here. We have been doing far more traveling this summer than usual. In what seemed like a blink of an eye after we returned from Italy we were back on a plane flying to Alaska to visit our kids and grandkids. I have been writing but the words just haven't shown up here so I thought I would provide a few links to catch you up on my recent thoughts.

The Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision caused a stir so I have a couple of pieces over at the Truth & Charity Forum:

Abortion and advocates including the Guttmacher Institute went nuts after the decision so I thought I should offer A Reasoned Response to Guttmacher Hysteria.

While the decision is certainly something to applaud, it is not the end of the fight. This was One Victory, but Many Battles Remain.

As an HLI fellow, I still pen a monthly column for

My July column looked at the scourge of human trafficking as a pro-life issue. We need to heed the call of Pope Francis and do what we can to combat this assault on human dignity.

Religious persecution is rearing its ugly head all over the world, especially for Christians in the Middle East and Africa. In addition to condemning this, we need to recognize that the same thought process that motivates Boko Haram motivates anyone who claims to be able to place a value judgment on the life of another and support abortion and euthanasia. They are all assaults on the sanctity of human life.

I also have a new writing gig over at Catholic Stand. What I love about this site is the diversity of the voices who are all faithful to the Magisterium. There is also a respectful tone to the writing that doesn't include the sniping and snark that seems to be infiltrating much of the Catholic blogosphere. So far I have contributed two articles:

It is important to remember that Jesus called us to make disciples and not to win debates so we must always strive to make our words charitable and persuasive instead of divisive. It is not about winning for "our side" but uniting all in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

My second article expanded on some thoughts I had originally published here at Kitchen Table Chats. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from Sam-I-Am when we seek to evangelize.

I have some writing deadlines looming and classes will begin in just a few short weeks, so I am not sure how soon I will get back to the blog. I really have a lot to say but I have to live life and not just blog about it. Until then, I hope you enjoy these articles!


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