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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The case against oral contraceptives continue to grow!

My opinion is that oral contraceptives are following a path parallel to tobacco products. Initially they were presented as something healthy and enjoyable. The government endorsed it. Corporate interests churned out the propaganda and suppressed reports that something might be amiss.

But the case against oral contraceptives is growing quickly. In my latest article at the HLI Truth & Charity Forum I take a look at the latest study that links hormonal contraceptives and breast cancer. This is a large, well designed study and its results need to be widely disseminated. Women have a right to know that the little pill they take every morning may be doubling or even tripling their risk for the more aggressive pre-menopausal form of breast cancer. I found it interesting that the pill that was most dangerous was the triphasic pill that tries to mimic the natural rhythm of estrogen and progesterone of a woman's reproductive cycle. Man cannot replicate what God has created so perfectly.

So why isn't every major news outlet and every women's magazine highlighting these risks? Why does the lead author of this study hesitate to claim that her study is sound enough to support clinical recommendations? I think it is because the corporate interests like Planned Parenthood and the pharmaceutical industry as well as radical feminists have declared that anyone who disparages contraception is waging a war on women. They are perpetuating the myth that only women who render themselves sterile can be truly successful.

Please head over to the Truth & Charity Forum and read the facts. Then spread the word. The real war on women is being waged by those who because they are more interested in their financial interests and their ideology, seek to keep women ignorant of the risks posed by contraceptives.

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