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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Why I want my grandchildren to remain Catholic

Madonna and Child by Parmigianino, 1525

Elizabeth Scalia has challenged Catholic writers to expound on why they remain Catholic. I will probably join in that discussion more directly in the next few days but first I wanted to combine this theme with another that has cropped up among Catholic authors--the Benedict option (Saint, not Pope Benedict). The Benedict option suggests that the future of Catholicism will be small enclaves of faithful believers who withdraw from the world in order to nurture and grow the faith.

In my latest article at the HLI Truth & Charity Forum I address why not only will I remain Catholic, but I pray that my grandchildren and their children and their children will remain Catholic as well. I cannot withdraw from the world when there is work to be done and battles to be waged to protect my grandchildren's religious freedom and spiritual future.

While being faithfully Catholic may have created some social hurdles for my children, there was never a real threat to their lives or livelihood. I have no confidence that will be true for my grandchildren. The secular culture is aggressively narrowing the window of tolerance for the public exercise of faith...Those of us who work now to defend the faith, defend religious liberty, defend the dignity of marriage, and defend the sanctity of human life do so to profess the truth and to perhaps ease the road ahead for our children, our grandchildren and the generations beyond.
I invite you over to the Truth & Charity forum to read the whole thing. What is your own response to, "Why do I remain Catholic"? How do you envision the Catholic experience of future generations in America?

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