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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Give Me that Old-Time Education!

Schoolteacher by Jan Steen, 1668

It is hard to believe that I have been teaching college students going on seven years now. This started out as an experiment when I was actually looking on Craigslist for a part time job for my son and stumbled across an ad for an adjunct professor position at the local community college. I started teaching one entry level anatomy and physiology course. Then I added the second semester course. Then I started teaching an entry level course at the local four year university. Then I added a 400-level anatomy and physiology course at the university.

So now my little part-time job that was going to ease me back into the workforce as my nest emptied has turned into nearly full time work and four college courses each semester. I really do love the teaching and love offering an intro to anatomy and physiology sprinkled with clinical correlations gleaned from my years of practicing medicine. It seems to be a good mix and for the most part, my students seem to be enjoying it.

Of course there is no pleasing everyone. I am trying to figure out what happened in 1990. The students born before 1990 have a very different outlook than those born after 1990. If you want to get a glimpse into today's college youth, take a look at some of the reviews on Rate My Professor. For example:

She will help a lot but unless you are really good at science, I don't recommend. She is a traditional instructor, expects your to really know the material and so is not big on extra credit. Attendance at labs is mandatory and doesn't tolerate lateness. Study guides/notes help but I found myself putting in lots of hours of study and work

Good professor but very much a traditional type of old style teacher. Straightforward about information and grades but does expect a fair amount of work; good, fairly interesting lectures. Mostly grades on exams and lab quizzes but gives some extra-credit. 

This class is TOUGH. It really requires you to constantly study, not many people in my class did great. Personally I felt as if I was teaching myself the entire time,.Don't get me wrong she can be very helpful but if you decide to take her you need to be sure her teaching method is right for you
(Not all of those reviews are from my Rate Your Professor entry.)

Student after student is surprised that a college course requires you to study outside of class. They are surprised when the grading requirements are firm and there is not automatically extra credit given to boost the grades at the end. They are surprised that failure is an option.

And what is this "traditional old-style" teacher label? Expecting students to know material for an exam is "old-school"?

As I said, most of my students are wonderful. But I am concerned that the number of students who have never experience the "old-fashioned" teaching style before is growing.